Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Pocket Parks Guide 2012

Once guests have planned their trips (with help from the classic Birnbaum Guide), they are encouraged to take this smaller book along with them on their Disney Vacation. Easily slipped into a pocket or a purse, the guide works as a handy, on-site reference for Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, golf excursions, biking, boating, and more! Featuring a day-planner, removable park itineraries, and a secure pocket to keep your passes, this recent addition to the Birnbaum series is a must-have for WDW travelers. This year's guide contains the pocket-sized lowdown on all the new shows, parades, and attractions that Walt Disney World will welcome in 2012; complete coverage of Fantasyland's expansion-the biggest in Magic Kingdom history; details on Star Tours II, a dazzling new 3-D attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios; and insight on little-known Disney Park gems. Plus, for guests who don't have restaurant reservations, we'll tell them how to get a great meal on the go. This new edition also includes updates on Fastpass, Disney' service that allows guests to bypass long attraction lines--for free!

Epidemiology: Beyond the Basics

Written for those who are familiar with the basic strategies of analytic epidemiology, Epidemiology: Beyond the Basics takes readers through a more rigorous discussion of key epidemiologic concepts and methods such as study design, measures of association, research assessment, and more. With real-life examples throughout, the book avoids complex statistical formulations and is an invaluable resource for intermediate students and practicing epidemiologists who wish to expand their knowledge of epidemiology and its role in the medical and public health sciences. The Third Edition offers a completely revamped page design that will make it easier for your students to navigate through the many charts, graphs, and mathematical formulas. It also offers expanded chapter exercises, new and updated references throughout, as well as coverage of some new topics including: • Over-diagnosis Bias (Ch. 4); • “Joint Presence of Two Factors that Interact as a Confounding Variable” (Ch. 6); • “Alternative Approaches for the Control of Confounding” (Ch. 7); • “Final Considerations” (Ch.8); • Decision trees (Ch. 10) This edition also offers an updated package of instructor materials including instructor’s manual, PowerPoint lecture slides, and a test bank.

Used Book in Good Condition