Henry Helps with the Dog

Henry is a good helper! He can even help with his dog, Toby.

The Battle For Investment Survival: How To Make Profits

This book is called The Battle for Investment Survival because protecting and increasing capital is in fact a "battle." In addition to experience, flair and contacts, matters like this need uninterrupted time and attention and also a need to succeed. There will be many who should learn from this book that trying to find their own way in Wall Street will prove unprofitable. They will benefit, however, by what they save rather than by what they make. Every reader should close the book knowing more about the hazards of preserving capital and why the book is entitled, The Battle for Investment Survival. To quote again, "forewarned is forearmed," and a knowledge of true investment objectives and the great difficulty in their achievement is half the battle and of great value in itself.